Ten Year Collaborative Plan

In 2008, the City of Myrtle Beach and Home Alliance, Inc. formed a Committee of Homelessness Organizations to launch the most extensive planning process to date, with the goal to assess the extent of homelessness in Horry County, inventory existing facilities and services for the homeless, identify gaps and opportunities to build a more seamless network of support services for the homeless, and most importantly, use this information to develop a detailed ten-year action plan with the goal of ending homelessness in Horry County.  

This plan will serve as a blueprint for the prevention of homelessness and the effective provision of services to the homeless in Horry County for the next decade.  "A Ten-Year Collaborative Plan to End Homelessness in Horry County, South Carolina" was prepared by The Matheny-Burns Group, under the direction of the Home Alliance, Inc.  A full copy of this report can be found on the "documents" page of this web site. 

Alliance Inn Apartments Project

In 2001 HUD awarded Home Alliance, Inc. a Supportive Housing Program (SHP) grant of $695,947 for the construction and operations of the Alliance Inn Apartments.  The construction project was completed in August 2004 by a partnership with Douglas Development LLC.  The HUD grant was used to match monies from the Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit program and Affordable Housing Program of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta.  The 54-unit apartment project cost a total of $5.1 million.  Tenants must be low-income and formerly homeless.  The project also includes a special medical clinic for the homeless operated by Little River Medical Center with special grants from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.  The SHP grant included $300,000 in homeless supportive services funding for a 3-year period.  The SHP grant has been renewed every year since 2006 for $98,649 per year.

Balsam Place Apartments Project

In 2004 Home Alliance, Inc. was awarded funding from the S.C. Dept. of Mental Health and S.C. State Housing Finance & Development Authority totaling $823,000 for the purchase and renovation of the former Pam's Corner Motel in downtown Myrtle Beach.  The motel was purchased and the renovation work completed in Feb. 2007.  The project contains 25 units of permanent supportive housing for homeless, disabled males.  HUD has awarded Home Alliance, Inc. an initial SHP grant for $300,000 in homeless supportive services funding for a 3-year period.  The SHP grant has been renewed every year since 2007 for $68,600 per year.

MJW Apartments

Site of Building before construction

Home Alliance, Inc. in partnership with the Myrtle Beach Housing Authority is in the process of building a new 11-unit apartment building at a total cost of $1,755,000 to serve low-income homeless.  This project is being funded with federal funds from HUD's NSP, HOME, and CDBG programs with additional funding from Home Alliance, Inc.  Chancel Builders, Inc. of Conway, S.C. is the General Contractor.  Construction is underway and completion is expected in June 2012.  The 11 units should be fully occupied by August 2012.


The Mr. Joe White (MJW) Apartments were completed December 2012

1013 Warren Street

In 2012 Home Alliance, Inc. was awarded $187,000 by the S.C. State Housing Finance & Development Authority's NSP grant program operated by the Myrtle Beach Housing Authority, to purchase and rehab a 3-unit dwelling.  The project was completed in December 2012 and is operated as an annex to the Warren Street Project.

Eastern Carolina Homelessness Organization

the 12-county Eastern Carolina Homelessness Organization (ECHO).  The SHP grant and HMIS program were transferred to ECHO.

Housing & Benefits Connection Center (HBCC) Office